June 2011:

There has been no escaping challenge over the past eight weeks putting myself to the test using many Green Hippo V3 systems alongside MA Lightings GrandMA2 lighting console. Starting with a corporate event in Las Vegas to blend multiple projectors including DL3s onto an audience surrounding scrim material we found that reflects maximum front light while allowing back light to work its revealing magic. Green Hippo i7 V3 HDs provided the backdrop while allowing multiple inputs from IMAG cameras and graphic laptops.

Financial Company Event in Las Vegas, NV

Financial Company Event in Las Vegas, NV

Our next event in Dallas was no less daunting as the challenge was to provide literally hundreds of feet of visual backdrop from DL3s in addition to using Green Hippos to drive a backdrop of Versatubes, Martin LC video walls, and front projected IMAG screens that moved during the opening segment.

Pharma Launch in Dallas Texas

Just coming back from our most recent event which involved over two weeks of pre-visualization and programming to execute a large exhibit booth for the 2011 E3 tradeshow in Los Angeles, CA. This event involved fourteen Green Hippo Grasshopper HD servers controlled by the MA Lighting GrandMA2 lighting console to drive 360˚ of visual imagery seamlessly across seven projection screens spanning 150' in addition to five Barco i6 video walls spanning the approximately 120' of display area completing the visual surround environment.

April 2011:

Projects this month were Video System Designs for Bob Dylan and Chris Brown Australia Tours driven by our rock solid Green Hippo i7 HD media servers.

February 2011

Dunaway Designs / Digital Stage Chicago now offer the latest Green HIppo Hippotizer HDs with extensive hardware revisions enabling radical performance gains for the award-winning media server range. Based around Intel’s i7 processors the revisions harness the processors unrivalled power and work in conjunction with version 3.0.14’s new software Playback Engine from the London based company. The i7-based servers are significantly faster and allow for more video playback layers. Previous machines ran between 2-5 layers depending on the specification and the age of the unit whilst the new i7 based units are capable of 8 layers of full HD playback simultaneously.

January 2011

Barco High End Systems article discussing a recent Plexus Productions corporate spectacle dreamed up by Creative Director Joe West and executed by the programming team of Warren Flynn on moving lights and myself on digital lighting.
The past few years have kept me very busy with some very fun and exciting projects - thus the website has taken a back seat. 2010 provided some great challenges - a few that stand out are posted on my portfolio page for those interested.

Pharma Launch Anaheim Convention Center



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